Nissan VPP


Q. What is the Vehicle Purchase Program?
A. The VPP enables you to purchase a Nissan vehicle at a pre-negotiated price, and it makes the process virtually hassle-free. Just let us know your place of employment, we can assist you in getting your VPP claim number and selecting the Nissan you want. You'll enjoy VIP treatment throughout the purchase process - and drive home in a beautiful new Nissan. 

Q. Who qualifies under the Vehicle Purchase Program?
A. The following people qualify as employees of business associate companies of Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA).
  • Direct, full-time employees of companies in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska that are engaged in direct business with Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) or any of the Nissan Affiliate companies.
  • Participants must reside in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska.
Q. How many VPP claim numbers can I get?
A. Employees of business associate companies are eligible for two vehicle claims numbers per employee in a calendar year. 

Q. Are all Nissan and Infiniti vehicles eligible for the VPP discount?
A. No. Currently the Leaf, Versa 1.6 models, Versa MY12 S Trim Sedan, GT-R, 2012 G Sedan Sport Appearance Edition, 2012 G Sedan Limited Edition, 2012 IPL G Coupe, M35h and 2012 FX35 AWD Limited Edition are not eligible for purchase under the VPP.  

Q. What type of proof of employment do I need?
A. A copy of your company photo id, current paycheck, or business card that includes the eligible company employee's name and company name is required to verify proof of employment with the business associate company. 

Q. How do I finance a vehicle if I purchase or lease through the VPP?
A. Financing is handled the same way it is with non-VPP purchases. You can work with Brenner Nissan to obtain financing on your New Nissan.  

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